From Early Trials to Current Deployments

April-1999 : 'Crocodile West' exercises in Tennant Creek
Eight 'P4' - the so called 'proof of concept' systems were first used during these exercises to assess their viability. Within four days of exercises all fibre optic links were damaged (a regular occurrence in the field) and the entire brigades data comms were carried on P4s. The exercises were definitive proof of specialised DSL products future in Armed Services communications infrastructure.

East Timor
A number of P1 single channel modems are still successfully in use in and around Dili extending command and control links over copper cables

'Tandem Thrust' Exercises - 2002'
During the 'Tandem Thrust' exercise, fibre cables were being eaten by cows and bandicoots - effectively destroying expensive comms infrastructures. DON10, being not only cheaper and easier to install, retrieve and fix, is also impregnated with anti-vermin chemicals, successfully repelling the 4-legged animal subversives!

Current Deployments
P1 and P3 are continually deployed in most ADF xercises and operations in Australian and abroad.

In addition to the Army, RAAF CAMM2 project procured P3s for its own field deployed logistics with a roll-out by 2005.

Other Defence Forces Trials and Deployments


ADF - Wide Scale Deployments
Sep-02 Australian Army's Logistics (SDSS Project) has taken first large scale delivery of P1/P3 products for its Field Deployed Logistics requirements.
In Dec-04 RAAF's CAMM2 project have taken a delivery of a large number of P3s for its deployed logistics.

As a result of increasing deployments of the products, interoperability between various armed forces can be established fast and very cost efficiently (by using a number of P3/P1 using copper cable links instead of expensive and fragile fibre-optic cables).







soldiers say: "this kit resurrects 'DON10', reduces headaces and improves functionality
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