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<<Tactical Data Links - Made Simple>>
upto 60Mbs/10Kms over copper or 'D10'
simple cost effective alternative to fibre-optics

DCI is an Australian niche capability specialist designing, and manufacturing robust, cost effective data link systems for defence & industrial applications.
Outstanding 16 year track record with ADF and other Defence organisations including technical support and training

Core capability: data links over 'D10' (or WD1A/TT)
for simple and effective fibre-optics alternative .

Support products: high efficiency, portable, folding solar panels in 50, 70 & 90W variants

P4/P2 Data Link Products - Key Features



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Power Storage: portable | deployable | scalable | intelligent
> scalable in 1.8kWHr/10kg case
for diverse user groups & FOB
> reduces diesel consumption for electricity generation
> reduces power by 20% by eliminating AC/DC adapters
> remote controlled recharge and real-time usage statistics