Defence Communications Industry is a regular contributor of original papers and content with emphasis on Tactical Data Links and related technological innovations. Our papers are widely published with a number of selected articles reproduced here for education and reference. No part of the content may be reproduced without the consent of authors.

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Recent Publications link
White Paper: 'P4/P2 Engineering Excelence'
an objective and concise review of unique product design features that set them above any market equivalent
White Paper: 'P4/P2 Inherent Transmission Security'
an important overview describing inherent technological security features that make P4/P2 on the par with 'one time pad' level of security - without using government level encryption systems
MilCIS2013 Paper
Premier Australian Defence Conference - incl. slides
MilCom 2010 Paper
includes second generation product introduction
Royal Signals Journal: Spring 2011 edition
an excerpt from the prestigious British publications, including a description of the British Army product deployments

Archived Publications

AFCEA 'Signal' / November 2000
First publication of the new 'Data over copper' concept, following AFCEA 'Golden Link' award for 'outstanding collaboration between Defence and industry: includes 2000' Australian Army trial report excerpt
Army News (ADF Publication) / Feb2001
Early 'P1' products capabilities overview by 126 CDO SIG SQN
TechNet 2001, an AFCEA publication from the first published paper describing the concept and working prototypes trial results
Army News (ADF Publication) / Dec2002
"Back To The Future With Copper" - early operational deployment overview
DMO Bulletin (ADF Publication) / Sep2002
AFCEA 'Golden Link' Award dispatch
ADM (Australian Defence Magazine) / Nov2002
A detailed overview of P3/P1 Technology, Army operational deployments and applications
Battlespace News (British Defence Magazine) / Feb2002
First generations products P3/P1 overview incl British Army applications
Battlespace News (British Defence Magazine) / Mar2003
Further details of P3/P1 applications and deployments