1st product gen 'P3' 'P3' brochure 350Kb

4 panels model - 50W, 22V, 2.3A | 2.2Kg
6 panels model - 75W. 22V, 3.4A | 3.2Kg
8 panels model - 100W. 22V, 4.5A | 4.3Kg


Provision of Scada or industrial data links
D10 vs FOC

Cost Comparison of Fibre-Optic based systems versus P3/P1

P4-P2-Sola_rPanels2nd product gen: 'P4', P2 & solar panels
P4-P2-P3 Specifications & Comparison

2kW Power Storage: portable|deployable|scalable|intelligent
< new capability from 2Q2017 - built to order >

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